Kirsten Rhodes • R&D, Bayer Crop Science

Working with Claire was wonderful! My lifestyle and career changed quite drastically, and I needed help bringing my closet up to speed. I had some great pieces but I didn't know how to start putting them together. Claire identified gaps in my wardrobe and gave me very useful tips on outfits, style, and organization.

Shopping is definitely not an activity I enjoy but Claire made it painless (fun, actually!) and efficient. Comfort and functionality are most important to me. I wanted to maintain simplicity but build confidence in a professional, feminine image. Claire made my character priority and helped me find smart pieces. Being so knowledgeable about trends, fabric, fit, colors, etc., she did of course challenge me and introduce me to great things I would never have considered before (and got a good laugh at my reaction to things like ruffles- she made it easy to say "thanks but no thanks").

The time I spent with Claire was valuable and comfortable. I would definitely recommend Claire to anyone, and I hope she doesn't go anywhere so I can work with her more!

Claire Roberts

Wardrobe Consulting