Ashley Easter • Speaker, Writer, Advocate

I had a wonderful experience with Claire.  She is professional and respectful, yet warm. Her style is on point.  She brought in a variety of clothing choices that I would have never expected but fell in love with the items once I tried them...  Claire really *got* my vision for a powerful image and ran with it.  I bought a whole new wardrobe with her direction.

I get compliments every time I go out now.  When my husband and I were still in Raleigh a guy who was driving by slowed down, rolled down the window, and gave a genuine compliment... we had never met him before.  The new style stood out enough for him to stop the car and say something positive and respectful about how I looked.

All that to say, it was a big success.  I would recommend Claire to anyone who feels lost in the department store and unsure of how to achieve a unique, modern style.

Claire Roberts

Wardrobe Consulting