I am an image consultant. I work mostly with individual clients on their wardrobes. I work with them to simplify and modernize their clothing choices and make their closets work for them. My goal is to have you walk into your closet and not feel overwhelmed by too many clothes, ill fitting clothes or outdated clothing. I always want my clients to feel like they have the appropriate clothing for the many roles they play on a daily basis.

Services & Process


Is your closet jam packed but you have nothing to wear? We will begin with a discussion of your goals and then we will delve into your closet, find the gems and discard the items you should not wear again. Included in this service is a list of appropriate pieces to build or expand your core wardrobe.


PHASE TwO Shopping

Initial Consult and Closet Edit. Choosing styles for your body type, discussing proper fit, tailoring, and tips for building a core wardrobe.


PHASE Three Outfit Creation

Outfit creation and seasonal updates. Final outfit creation and documentation plus planning for seasonal updates.



  • Kids Wardrobe Edit
  • Photo Styling for family photos and headshots
  • Travel packing for personal and business travel