Julie Swann • Department Head, ISE North Carolina State University

Claire Roberts Style has been amazing in helping me hone my image in ways that positively impact my professional life.

I started a new job as a Department Head, which includes working with faculty, students, industry executives, government, etc. I had additional challenges including a busy schedule; a new city; very specific likes and dislikes on fabrics, style, or comfort; and a desire to integrate the university color of red into my wardrobe. Claire worked with me to ensure professional dress appropriate for my age and rank, while still maintaining the comfort that I desire in clothing. She has helped me display the strong, modern woman, yet feminine in a male-dominated field.

For my needs, I appreciate the help she has given me in purging my wardrobe with humor and tact, identifying pieces that I would not have thought to have bought but now I cannot live without, recommending power colors and styles specific to me, and how to put together the whole outfit from shoes to ears. I regularly receive compliments on my style at work, and I have become a preacher for her services. I think everyone should have a Claire!

Claire Roberts

Wardrobe Consulting