Melanie W. Goodwin • NC Attorney and Mother, Raleigh, NC

Working with Claire to help my daughter, Madison find some trendy, age-appropriate outfits was a wonderful experience! Madison commented to me on the way out of the mall that Claire was not at all what she expected, and that she was really impressed by how closely she listened to her and really tried to find clothes she would feel comfortable in. She also mentioned that some of the items Claire selected for her to try on that looked the best on her were items she never would have thought of choosing. She wore one of her new outfits to school today and was so excited to show it off!  I could really tell that working with Claire raised her self-esteem about her physical appearance dramatically, because she taught her how to dress for her body shape. Seeing her increased confidence made the experience priceless for me as her mother! 

Melanie is an attorney and mother of her eight year old daughter.  Raleigh, NC

Claire Roberts

Wardrobe Consulting