Classy vs. Trashy: Helping ourselves and our children

be classy


This morning I'm carefully applying makeup to my face before we leave the house for school and work.  My daughter is in the bathroom- she is 6 and in 1st grade- and when she comes out she has makeup everywhere on her face and her beautiful skin is now a ruthless array of pink and mauve.

It got me thinking, how do I teach her beauty and gracefulness later in life and and help her from making trashy choices with her clothing and makeup?  We are already having discussions of where her self-worth comes from - not from what others think of her, but from Truth and Love.  It will be so interesting to see what clothing choices she makes and I'm sure interesting to guide her in making choices to blend in with her natural beauty.

I try very hard to teach my clients to work with their inherent traits- Classy not Trashy.  We use color and fabrics and lines to create the appearance of approachability, trust, friendliness, strength...the list goes on and on.  Again, blending with natural beauty.  As we age this becomes so different from how we have dressed in our 20's and 30's.  How we dress in our 20's and 30's may now be too trashy and inappropriate for us in our 40's and 50's so we have to grow and adapt our wardrobes.  

So today dress yourself with confidence, ladies and gentlemen.  Do not give way to trends that reduce you to a piece of flesh.  What do you have to offer this world today?  What will you wear that will enhance the way you work and bring out your inherent goodness and beauty?

And if you need help, I'm only a call or an email away!


Mothers Day: The Most Fashionable Grandmother

A blog post republished from 2013

My family and I are traveling this weekend to Virgina to lay to rest the ashes of my grandmother, Maggie, as we refer to her.  She was the most lovely, spunky, caring, grandmother.  She taught me how to do important things like read a good book, take a good soaky bath, walk on the beach, and drink hot tea.  Maggie was there for every important occassion and every non-important occassion.  And not only was she there, but she was DRESSED.  


Maggie taught me about style.  She taught me to love shoes and she fostered my love for bathing suits.  She was the "bathing suit grandmother"- she dubbed herself this because she would buy us our bathing suits each summer- the ones we really wanted....ones that my mom would probably not have bought me:)


The time I spent shopping with Maggie and my mom was priceless.  We laughed over the outrageous printed blouse and squealed with delight over the perfect pair of jeans.  We shopped for important occassions together- like prom dresses, my wedding dress, the mother and grandmother dresses for family weddings, baby clothes, etc.  Some people may say that this is all very materialistic but I learned life in those dressing rooms.  We talked about important things like school, boys, God, family, giving, love, jobs...the list goes on.  She taught me generosity.


About 8 years ago, before I had kids, she saw a Nordstrom flyer that advertised a leopard coat.  She was convinced that I needed to have it.  When I went to visit her in Charlotte she had my mom take us to Nordstrom to try it on.  I really wasn't all that excited about it, but she was.  Then the magic happened....I put the coat on and it was lovely...the best coat a girl could dream for!  A beautiful Charles Gray of London leopard coat with chocolate brown lining.  It is the perfect coat for all occassions- pair it with jeans or a dress and feel like gold.  And she bought it for me- she knew it would be beautiful on me- she was my grandmother...


Every time I put this coat on I think of Maggie.  I think of her love wrapping me up in my perfect coat.  



New Workshop!

Dressing with Intention:  KNOW what you LOVE

I believe that every woman wants to look and feel her best.  I also believe that she may not have had a chance to think about that for a long time.   

Common pains I hear from my clients...

  • "I work from home so it doesn't matter what I look like"
  • "I love to shop and have lots of clothes but I don't love anything in my closet"
  • "I buy the same items over and over so I have no variety"
  • "I hate to shop so I just wear what I have but don't love any of it"
  • "Having children has changed my body and my lifestyle and now I'm just lost when it comes to clothing"

...the list goes on and on.

The purpose of the workshop is learning and understanding what you inherently and authentically love.  Then translate that understanding into your clothing choices.  You will walk away shopping less; you'll be more confident in your own skin; you'll show up authentically; you won't panic when your phone rings with a social invite; you'll be Empowered to Make Good Choices for You.

What did women take away with them from the workshop?

"As women it's easy to get busy with our many roles.  We are always putting other people first.  This workshop gave me time for inner reflection on who I am and who I want to be.  It was time for me to bring my true identity to the surface and figure out how to reflect that through my wardrobe so I show up as the best person I can be. "

Shawn Briscoe, Mom and owner of Alter Ego Salon, Raleigh, NC


"What I really loved about the workshop is that it gave me the opportunity to pause my busy life and spend some time discovering my personal style. For years I've felt like my wardrobe is somehow lacking but I could never quite put my finger on the issue. I honestly had no idea that I had a style to discover! But with a little effort and some great guidance from Claire I was able to unlock my specific style. And now I understand why I do and don't like certain items, why I don't wear items I have even though I like them, and why I rarely felt really terrific in what I was wearing. This workshop has excited me and I feel so confident and empowered to engage my wardrobe now! I expected the workshop to be good but I didn't expect to say that in one night Claire has changed my life...but she has!"

Erika Lizotte, Mom and Wife, Raleigh, NC


"After this workshop I was armed with a great understanding of what my authentic style is... So I headed to my closet and looked around.  It was easy to see that I had things in my closet that were just not "ME".  This time it was easy to say goodbye to those items that had been lingering way too long."

Danielle Gardner, Mom, Wife, Stella & Dot Stylist, Raleigh, NC