Austin Macfarlane • Owner and Founder, My Girl Friday, Raleigh, NC

Claire is a breath of fresh air. She came into my home, organized my closet, laughed with me as we purged clothing out of my space, perfected my organizational systems, and has provided support as we come up with a more refined personal style for me and my significant other. She then hunted for perfect items for me, and took me shopping for 4 hours. When we arrived at the store she already had the dressing room set up and stocked with clothing she had already hunted for, and she was like a sister // best friend as I tried things on, got new sizes, and decided on the items we would purchase. She even hung things back up for me. Then she came home with me and helped me put together outfits. I am a busy busy business owner and my time is precious to me. I let my personal style take a back burner to managing my company and staff. I have very little free time. Claire has provided a beautiful service to us and has really helped my self confidence. I now have a very well rounded wardrobe and can spend more time on my business, and less time in the closet stressing over outfits. She's worth every penny.

Claire Roberts

Wardrobe Consulting