Announcing Stylist ~ Lindsay Benfer

I rely on my gut instincts a LOT as a stylist and when I met Lindsay Benfer for the first time a couple of years ago my instincts said "hire that girl"!  I couldn't be more excited to announce that I have hired Lindsay Benfer as a stylist here at Claire Roberts Style!  After working alongside me for the past few months and learning the business she is ready to take on her own clients!  Without further ado... a quick interview with Lindsay.


Where were you born?

Greenville, SC... I grew up there as the youngest of three kids.  My family still lives there- I'm the rogue one!

What is your earliest memory of loving style?

I was obsessed with dressing my American Girl dolls.  I always wanted to expand their wardrobes!  

Where did you go to school?

University of South Carolina and studied Business and Communications.  Favorite part was living in a house with my 5 best girl friends!

I know you love to travel, tell us all about it!

I lived in Australia where I worked in a little café along the beach for 6 months.  I did a safari in South Africa- I'm an animal lover!!!  I've traveled all over France, Spain, Italy, Portugal- I know how to pack for a trip!  So much of what I love about travel is that it inspires me creatively. 

Tell us how you came to own a clothing boutique in Savannah:

So I was working at an advertising agency in Greenville and then a magazine in Savannah and just felt too boxed-in.  I wanted something more creative where I was more hands on.  The day I left the magazine I walked into a small clothing boutique, struck up a conversation with the owner and before I knew it I was working there! I had some really great friends who encouraged me to go out on my own and open my own store and that is how my boutique, Trunk 13, was born!  The concept of the store was giving my clients a boutique experience without the high prices.  

What brought you to Raleigh?

The love of my life, my husband, Brian!  We met by pure chance in Charleston, SC when I was vising a friend and he was there for a wedding.  After a year long-distance romance I made the decision to move to Raleigh!  Four years later we got married in Paris and now have a baby boy, named West.  

What do you love about living in Raleigh?

There is good creative energy here!  I love how the community really supports all of the small independent businesses!

What are you most excited about when it comes to working with our clients here at Claire Roberts Style?

I am really excited about developing relationships with my clients.  Not just helping them with one outfit but helping them develop a wardrobe that really meets the needs of the client and their overall lifestyle.

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Claire Roberts

Wardrobe Consulting