Professional Dress in the Heat of Summer

The heat of the summer is upon us!  So how do we keep our looks feeling polished and professional when all we want to do is wear the least amount of clothing possible?


Photo by Tyler Joe.  Published online in Bazar Magazine

Step one:

Who is your audience?  What image do you want to convey? Think about your long-term professional image and how you want others to perceive you.

- Boss and Coworkers

- Clientele

Additionally you should consider how you have move at work.  Are you bending over at work?  Does that require a change in your attire?  If you are in a job that requires a  lot of movement then remember that others are watching you.  For females cleavage needs to be minimized and for both men and women remember not to wear bottoms with a low rise.

Step two:

What is your dress code at work?  Apply this to your wardrobe in Step 3.

Sometimes you may be in a work environment that doesn't have a formal dress code.  This means it's even more important to think about how you want to dress ahead of time.   It gives you the freedom to express yourself, but you also have to set limits for yourself and dress professionally and responsibly.

Step three: 

Take the time to go through your closet and figure out what works for summer?  So many people don't take the time to do this but it hugely helpful.  Have fun with it!  Put on some music, have a friend help you and enjoy!   Here are some great questions to ask yourself when you are going through your closet:

- Is this a professional pieces and should I wear it to work?

- Does it fit?

- What are the gaps that you need to fill?

- Does the shape flatter my body?

- As my body has changed does it still work for me?

- Does it show too much cleavage or is the rise too low?


Step four:


- Deodorant and Anti-perspirant (reapply during the day)

- Breath (keep gum and mints on hand)

- Touch up your makeup during the day

- Pedicures are a must (either at home or at the nail spa)


A note about shoes:

Consider the appropriateness of shoes for your job.  In the summer we tend to wear flip flops and sandals but often times they are not a professional choice because they are so casual.  If you are in a high-fashion environment make sure the shoes fit the outfit and job.  Every shoe has a time and a place- Tevas are perfect for rivers and flip flops are for the beach or a BBQ.  Shoes can make or break an outfit so invest in a few pair of good shoes for the summer that are flexible and would fit with your professional attire.

If you are looking for ways to enjoy summer attire at work then embrace the colors of the season!  Bright colors are everywhere in fashion now.  Find the ones that look best on you and go for it!

Happy Summer!



Claire Roberts

Wardrobe Consulting