~Fav Spring Sneakers~

A few of my favorite Spring Sneakers...

I'm introducing several of my new clients to the idea of the Spring Fashion Sneakers and thought I should share this with YOU!  If you are unaware of the glorious spring sneaker then let me tell you all about it!  A fashion sneaker is in between a sport sneaker and a flat or small heeled shoe.  They are not as dressy as the heeled shoe and not as sporty as a sport sneaker.  In essence you can wear them for all of the ~in between~ that happens in life.  And that's a lot of life!  So here are a few of my favorite spring sneakers for you to peruse. 

Click on the image to see prices and color options!  Enjoy!

Here are a few outfits to show you how to wear those sneaks!




Claire Roberts

Wardrobe Consulting