{Money Magazine: Dress for the role you want to be in, not the one you have}

Many of my clients want to revamp or boost their image in the job market.  See how Money Magazine put this to the test.  And then call or email me if you want to do the same! 

{Dress for the Role you want to be in, not the one you have.}

"This outfit make me feel like, - This job is mine.  You need to hire me-"  Brittny Grady, Account Manager.  Her image consultant helped her show maturity, look over prepared, find the perfect interview shoe.  Watch Brittny's video

"I have been frustrated in my inability to move up.  This (wardrobe makeover) has been useful."  Gerald Sorokin, Nonprofit Administrator.  His image consultant helped with his grooming and dental needs, and dressing for trustworthiness in the job market.   Watch Gerald's transformation on video

"I have confidence I'm going to be okay."  Byron Caplan, Videographer.  His image consultant helped him demonstrate his creativity through flair in his clothing.  Also, she helped him dress age appropriate and put the right foot forward with his foot wear.  Watch Byron's transformation on video

How do you present yourself in the job market?  Do you need help?

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